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March 25, 2013

GMA Network Scholarship Program 2013-2014

The GMA Network Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for the education of poor yet deserving students. It aims to promote academic excellence.

The Scholarship Program is open to University of the Philippines (Diliman) graduating students in the fields of Broadcast Communication and Journalism. One (1) scholar for each field shall be granted the scholarship. The scholarship grant covers the following fees:

a. Tuition fee
b. Laboratory fee
c. Miscellaneous expenses
d. Allowances

Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the BROADCAST COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT or JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT on or before April 30, 2013.

One (1) set of duly accomplished Personal and Education Background and Recommendation for Financial Assistance forms (available at the Broadcast Communication Department c/o Ms. Hercyn Molina, Journalism Department c/o Ms. Racquel Bacara) together with the following:

A. Authenticated scholastic records from last school year (2012-2013);

B. Photocopy of the parent’s Income Tax Returns for the previous year;

C. A 500-word essay (either in English or Tagalog) on why the applicant deserves to receive the scholarship.

Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship Grant

1. The applicant must be an incoming 4th year student of Broadcast Communication and Journalism; and 5th year Electronics Communications Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

2. He/she must have obtained a general weighted average of 1.75 for Broadcast Communication and Journalism while 2.0 for ECE and Electrical Engineering in the previous year (2012-2013).

3. The applicant must have no active scholarship grant.

4. Should the applicant incur an incomplete or drop a subject at any time prior to this application, he/she must present a justification letter.

5. He/she must pass the examination and interview process.

6. At the end of the first semester, the scholar must submit a certificate signed by the College Secretary or Department Chair indicating his/her general weighted average (1.75 for Broadcast Communication and Journalism; 2.0 for ECE and Electrical Engineering) and that he/she has no failing grades, incompletes, and dropped subjects.

7. The scholar must be willing to sign an agreement stipulating the terms and conditions of the scholarship grant.


The scholarship grant is non-transferable and shall be forfeited in the following cases:

1. If the awardee does not avail of the scholarship for the prescribed school year, unless prevented by illness or injury as certified by a physician.

2. If the awardee fails to maintain a semestral average grade required

3. If the awardee fails to comply with the academic requirements and disciplinary rules and regulations of the university.

You may get the GMA Scholarship Application forms at:

Broadcast Communication Department (c/o Ms. Hercyn Molina)

Journalism Department (c/o Ms. Racquel Bacara)

Or you may download the forms HERE: 2013 GMA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM.