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CMC Wishlist

2013-2014 UP CMC Infrastructure Development Plan

  • The CMC Resource Center: The University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication Media Resource Center (UPCMCMRC) will be one of the units of the UP College of Mass Communication (UPCMC) to fully realize its extension service that would impact the larger public. It is envisioned to bridge the academic thrusts of the College and its visible presence and effect to the general public of the media. Proposed Amount: PhP 80,000,000.00
  • Proposed College Renovation Projects for 2013: These include the commemorative garden, landscaping, renovation, repainting, waterproofing, renovation of toilets, lighting and polishing of marble flooring. Proposed Amount: PhP 10,548,500.00
  • Modernization of CMC’s Classrooms: These include the equipping of 31 classrooms in the college, including renovation, repainting and re-wiring of each room. Proposed Amount: PhP 10,540,000.00
  • Film Institute’s Budget Proposal: These include the re-upholstery and repair of Cine Adarna seats, projectors, sound system, theater screen and toilet renovation. Proposed Amount: PhP 3,600,000.00
  • Annex Building Structured Cabling: These include purchase of a new fiber optic map to ensure better up-time between the Main building, Annex building and Media Center. Proposed Amount: PhP 330,660.00
  • Renovation of the Broadcast Communication Department: These include renovation of TV Control Room, TV Studio, Radio Studio, Recording Studio located at the main building and TV Control Room, TV Studio, Radio Studio located at the Media Center. Proposed Amount: PhP 2,761,279.73
  • Renovation of the Communication Research Department: These include civil works, architectural and carpentry works, plumbing works and electrical works. Proposed Amount: PhP 2,871,782.78
  • Proposed Equipment Purchase for the CMC Media Center TV Studio: The CMC Media Center Broadcast Building has a TV Studio which cannot be maximized because of the lack of equipment. At present, it is fully air-conditioned and soundproofed but no equipment is installed. The old TV Studio at the main building of the College dates back to the 1960s. A bigger studio with newer and up-to-date equipment is urgently needed by the growing student population of the College. Proposed Amount: PhP 5,371,300.00 (Cost does not include chroma background and lighting)

Plaridel Fund

  • Gawad Plaridel: The UP Gawad Plaridel is a National Award given to an outstanding media practitioner. Past awardees are Eugenia Apostol for Journalism, Vilma Santos for Film, and Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo for Radio. Like Plaridel, the awardee must believe in the vision of a Philippine society that is egalitarian, participative and progressive, and in media that is socially responsible, critical and vigilant, liberative and transformative, and free and independent. The award is given every fourth of July in commemoration of del Pilar’s death anniversary. The awardee receives a trophy (designed by National Artist Napoleon Abueva) and delivers the Plaridel Lecture, which addresses issues relevant to the state and practice of Philippine media.
  • The Plaridel Journal: Plaridel is the refereed biannual journal of Philippine communication, media and society published by the College. Contents include substantive and research-based articles on Philippine communication; reviews of film, websites, television and radio programs, media-related books and other printed matter; selected documents and texts on communication and media; and in-depth interviews with key players in the field.

Faculty & Staff Development

  • Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant Fund: The Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant Fund shall be used to provide the faculty of the College resources for conducting and disseminating their research.
  • Staff Development Fund: The Staff Development Fund shall be used to provide financial incentives to deserving research & administrative staff of the College.