About Us

The College

about-logoThe University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (UP CMC) is the premier academic institution for communication and media studies in the country. Through the years, it has been strongly committed to the development of socially responsible, vigilant and critical media.

At present, the College offers nine academic programs housed in five departments: Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees and Master of Arts (MA) degrees in Journalism, Broadcast Communication, Communication Research and Film & Audio-Visual Communication, as well as a doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Communication and more recently, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Media Studies.

The Foundation

cmcfiThe University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication Foundation Incorporated known by its acronym, UPCMCFI, is a non-stock, non-profit domestic foundation established to collaborate with the U.P. College of Mass Communication (UP- CMC). It exists to provide continuing training, coaching, and mentoring to mass communication educators and practitioners in coordination primarily with the UP-CMC. It also undertakes projects having the UP-CMC and the communication and media education community (local and regional) as its primary beneficiaries.

The UPCMCFI was incorporated in March 1987 and serves as major link between UP- CMC and the public to enable the UP-CMC to more effectively perform its extension functions. Its projects are focused along the lines where the strength of the UP-CMC lies, namely, the development, promotion, and enhancement of communication and media education, communication and media research, training and other communication and media related activities geared toward national development goals, such as political democratization, equalization and access to communication media, and cultural transformation and integration. Essentially, the UPCMCFI serves as conduit for all extension activities of the UP-CMC, handling projects and programs that will advance the knowledge of communication both as a science and as an art and foster better understanding of its functions in national development, regional cooperation and international understanding. It also engages in projects that promote media literacy and critical media use. It engages in undertakings, either by collaboration or cooperation with local and foreign institutions, public or private in sponsoring, conducting and/or evaluating research projects and activities, training programs, seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences aimed at the promotion, propagation and enhancement of communication. It also assists the UP-CMC in raising needed funds for the improvement of its facilities, such as classrooms, laboratories, and offices, which in turn enhances the delivery of education and training.

The UPCMCFI’s membership consists of the faculty and staff of the UP-CMC. The Dean of the UP-CMC automatically serves as the President of the UPCMCFI and the College Secretary as the Corporate Secretary. Together with the faculty, they serve as its training consultants and main program/project implementers. They are established names, either as educators and/or practitioners in the fields of communication and media. The UPCMCFI draws from this pool of communication experts and is thus able to deliver a high quality of work to its clientele.

Our Goals and Mission

The UP CMC remains steadfast in its mission to pursue academic excellence in communication and media studies. To this day, the College continues to produce outstanding graduates. This has been achieved despite budget limitations that constrain the University from acquiring modern equipment and adequate facilities.

The UP CMC Foundation, Inc. was created to enable the College to more effectively undertake, develop, promote and enhance media education, training and research by implementing fund-raising campaigns such as Pay it Forward, receiving donations, and administering these funds for the benefit of the College. The foundation has prioritized the following needs:

UPCMCFI Board of Trustees


President and Vice-Chair Dr. Elena E. Pernia
Chairperson Dr. Dante M. Velasco
Board Secretary Dr. Lourdes M. Portus
Treasurer Atty. Oliver S. Tanseco
Ex-Officio Member Dr. Michael L. Tan
Ex-Officio Member Ms. Gina A. Villegas
Board Member Dr. Grace Javier Alfonso
Board Member Ms. Georgina A. Banzon
Board Member Ms. Tina Arceo Dumlao
Board Member Ms. Maria Lourdes Choa Fagar
Board Member Atty. Rafael Hannibal Khan
Board Member Ms. Georgina D. Lumauig
Board Member Ms. Elena V. Romero
Board Member Dr. Arminda V. Santiago
Board Member Ms. Ivy Lisa F. Mendoza
Executive Director Prof. Maria Angelica D. Abad
Executive Assistant Ms. Kat Ramos